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Down EP

The Kooks new Down EP heralds a new album to be released this summer. The EP has the band showing off a couple of new styles and going away from the basic brit pop that they featured on their past releases.

With the new EP, the title track is the most unique song out of the four. The song has Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard showcasing a bluesy vocal to go along with a unique take on the rhythm section for a Kooks song. The rhythm section is different than the other three songs on the EP, but that blues vein runs through all four of these songs. The Kooks evidently have been listening to the bluesier side of the Rolling Stones since their past release because this EP is filled with stoneseque guitar licks and some very cool percussion undertones. All four songs have some of those elements to them and it's a side of The Kooks that most will like.

This new EP from The Kooks has the band exploring their sound to places they've never even hinted at going before. It's a nice change for the band that's fun and entertaining. Hopefully the album has songs like the material on this new EP.


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