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Morning Parade

Pure Adulterated Joy

Morning Parade has two really good things going for them. First, they know how to craft a song. Steve Sparrow and co. do a remarkable job of finding intelligent hooks and telling captivating stories with both music and lyrics. The other huge thing that Morning Parade has is that their sound is their own. They might have a few grunge elements to them and dare I say some brief moments of Coldplay too, but what's assembled is a tremendous sound from a band that always seems to know the right buttons to push for their audience to enjoy their music.

Those buttons include a little bit of everything on their new album, Pure Adulterated Joy. Sparrow's voice is a great start. That voice leads the way with everything Morning Parade, even when he's asking, 'would you piss on me if I was on fire?' Sure, that's an odd moment on the record, but it's sincere, and that sincerity comes across well with the way that Sparrow sings. Not far behind Sparrow's vocal are the effect heavy guitars and the overall original structure of their songs. Most of the time that original structure from Morning Parade works well, even on the aforementioned pissing moment. That's the main reason why Pure Adulterated Joy is such a good listen, it's smart and entertaining.

Morning Parade's new album is one that should get your attention the moment you can start listening to it. This band has a sound that can't be replicated by anyone else, it's all theirs. On this new album, Morning Parade takes that and uses it to their best advantage. It might not be their most accessible work comparing it to previous releases, but it's still a terrific listen.


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