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The new album from Tokyo Police Club, Forcefield is equal parts indie rock and fun pop. The album has it's artsy moments that will appease the hardcore music lovers, especially the front part of the album with "Argentina Parts I, II, and III." There are also plenty of catchy moments on the album, like the single, "Hot Tonight." It's not just an either/or option with the songs on Forcefield, sometimes those two dynamics work together perfectly. It doesn't happen a lot on the album, but when it happens on songs like "Miserable" and "Toy Guns," there are few more entertaining bands than Tokyo Police Club. Forcefield has a lot of good songs but it has a few bad ones. The band embellishes on a few songs and when they do that, the shortest song can seem like the longest. Thankfully, that only happens a few times and it doesn't deter what is otherwise an excellent listen. Take a listen to Forcefield, It's entertaining, it's catchy, it's intelligent, and mostly it's just good.


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