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Lina Fouro

The Love Cycle

Lina Fouro has a voice that I don’t know if I’ve ever heard before. It’s perfect for alternative music that balances itself between mainstream music and art pop. On her upcoming album, “The Love Cycle” she flashes some of that potential.

That vocal is the main reason to listen to this album. Lina’s voice is original and unique and can’t really be compared to anyone else going right now. That vocal is her main appeal and the songs she has on the new album really do a good case of showing that and building a persona with her music. That’s a huge positive in a lot of circles and I think it will open up some doors in the pop world because she made this album.

That being said, that persona doesn't necessarily fit her voice from an artistic standpoint. These songs, while well crafted, don’t always take advantage of the full potential that Lina’s voice has. A simpler vein of music that incorporates better use of space that lets that vocal breathe a little better would have been a different route to take, but one that might have fit her voice better. These songs and this music can be respected, but there might be more potential on a different path.

Fouro has talent and potential as a vocalist. This album might not be something that’s for everyone right now, but I have a feeling that we’re going to be hearing a lot more from Lina Fouro in the future.


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