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Tupelo Honey

Brave New World

Yet another band that chooses to shun the major labels, despite several offers, is Canada’s Tupelo Honey. Controlling their own destiny, finances and output has allowed the band to release material when they feel that it is warranted as well as retaining artist integrity. Much like Lansdowne, Tupelo Honey has chosen to mainly release new material through e.p’s and so ‘Brave New World’ is the band’s first album ‘proper’ since 2011’s ‘Caught Up InThe Excess’.
Despite the independent nature of the band, Tupelo Honey nevertheless exhibit the class and polish of a major label one; crisp finely produced well written material with mass appeal is just the sort of thing that should have the majors crying into their Molson. Eclectic enough to be non-cookie cutter rock yet commercial enough for radio airplay ‘Brave New World’ ebbs and flows nicely. Hook heavy rock songs ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ or the superb ‘Halo’ don’t feel out of place amongst the more left field offerings such as the synth beat of ‘Lifetime’, the 30 Seconds To Mars influenced ‘These Walls’ or the heavy fuzzed up retro rock of ‘Dancing With Your Ghost’. Enhanced by Dan Davidson’s quite superb vocals ‘Brave New World’ is one of the modern rock albums of the year thus far and shows that the gap between major label releases and independent ones has narrowed significantly. ‘Brave New World’ has raised the bar extremely high.


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