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Nine Lashes

From Water To War

Previous album ‘World We View’ was an excellent, if predictable mainstream modern rock album. ‘From Water To War’ whilst containing elements of that album shows noticeable progression. Jason Rauch (Red) co produces along with Aaron Sprinkle. The former is clearly responsible for beefing up the guitar sound the latter working with the melodic sensibilities and the synthesizer sound (think Anberlin on ‘Vital’). Familiar material rears its head in the former of the opening salvo of ‘Never Back Down’ and ‘Break The World’ whilst the dance orientated ‘Where I Belong’ or the pop rock Remedy Drive-like ‘Surrender’ show the band in a different light. ‘Light It Up’ and Light’s We Burn’ turn up the guitars to eleven and ‘You Are The Light’, whilst following a similar trend, tempers it with some Lost Prophets style vocal melodies.
‘From Water To War’ is a far less predictable listen than its predecessor and yet for all the differences it still remains a ‘Nine Lashes’ album. Melodic, brilliantly produced with some superb songs it is an essential listen for anyone who has Red or Thousand Foot Krutch albums in their collection


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