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Less Than Jake

See The Light

Ninth album from the evergreen Floridian Ska Punk outfit (have they really been doing this for twenty one years?) sees the band forging on with the signature sound that has served them so well. The usual gloriously catchy choruses take pride of place amongst the punk riffage (is that a word?) and that incessant horn section. If you don’t get Less Than Jake by now then it’s probably too late but there’s no doubt that their music is both influential and highly skilled. All the standards are present and correct on the foot tapping opener ‘Good Enough’, the funky up-tempo ‘My Money Is On The Long Shot’ or the tuneful quirkiness of ‘Do the Math’ and although none of the material is as commercial as say Less Than Jake circa ‘In With The Out Crowd’ it’s hard to argue that brilliant tunesmithery such as ‘Bless the Cracks’ or the tongue in cheek ‘American Idle’ doesn’t press all the right buttons for hooks and melodies.
Currently on tour in the UK and with a reputation for putting on an impressive and involving live show, Less Than Jake just carry on doing what they do and power to them for that on this, another impressive album.


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