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Royal Blood

Out of the Black EP

The rock duo has developed into a new thing over the past three years. Out of America, Sacramento's Middle Class Rock have made two great albums and they've also had a lot of radio success. The U.S. also has Baby Bee out of New Orleans. They don't have as much experience or success as Middle Class Rut, but they've made a great EP and an amazing single - "High Heeled Leather Boots." With those two duos making some headway recently, it's the UK's turn with the Brighton band Royal Blood. The duo recently released their first EP and they're looking to make a name for themselves with that release entitled, Out of the Black.

This new EP from Royal Blood showcases the best that the band has to offer. "Out of the Black" - the title track on the EP is an awesome first single and a song that epitomizes the duo's music. If you haven't heard it already, you're likely to over the next couple of months. With these introductory EPs there's usually one good song and the other three are simple fill-ins that fall short of what the title track (or single) has to offer. That's not the case with this EP, "Little Monster" is a terrific song, as are "Come On Over" and "Hole." All four of these songs from Royal Blood are solid.

This EP will leave you wanting more music with a debut album and it should put Royal Blood on the fast track to being a major buzz-worthy band.


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