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Cast Away

Australian band Strange Talk previewed their debut U.S. album with a self-titled EP a few months ago. The EP was decent and was led by the song "Eskimo Boy." The music however was repetitive and the songs weren't as great as they could have been with the band's EP. Still, the band flashed some serious potential on the EP and with their album, Cast Away - they're doing the same. Unfortunately, the band also is hindered by the same problems that hampered them on the EP.

With Cast Away, there are some brilliant moments. The title track is an instant highlight and it starts the album off right. Then "Eskimo Boy" and "Young Hearts" are also great songs. The rest of the album is somewhat forgettable. The programming isn't all that unique and sometimes the tracks sound like 25 second loops more than songs too. This starts to happen in the second half of the album and never really stops once it sets in.

I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't enjoy this album from Strange Talk, but I am let down with the quality of this album. I was expecting more than four good songs based on the EP the band has already put out. One of those songs was even on that EP. If you're into the new wave inspired electro pop that's popular now, you'll find something to like on this album. That might be the case, but there's still not enough on it to keep people interested in Strange Talk for more than a couple of months.


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