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The new album from Neon Trees, Pop Psychology, is sonically brighter than the groups first two albums. Out of the ten songs on the record (give or take bonus songs), the majority of them are vibrant songs with a lot of energy. This Neon Trees record flirts with the upbeat side of the pop group's new wave influences.

Normally, the band is fueled by the bass-driven side of new wave. The bass, along with Tyler Glenn's awesome vocal, takes the song wherever it needs to go. With Pop Psychology, that's done a few times but Neon Trees does something different too. With this new album, you see Glenn and co. taking advantage of the electric guitar far more than they have in the past. There are some outstanding riffs on the record that are utilized in conjunction perfectly with Glenn's voice. They even have a solo or two on the record, something we've rarely seen from Neon Trees.

As for Glenn, this is his show. He does a tremendous job with the record and for whatever reason, the songs seem a lot more personal for him this time around. Especially the track, "First Things First." That song is the most legitimately personal song that this band has put out in their three records. The lyrics are great and the songwriting overall is solid. If I did have one criticism with this record its that the songs - as a group - aren't as good as they were on Picture Show. They're not a drop down or anything like that, there just isn't as many really solid songs on the record.

There might not be as many great songs on this new Neon Trees album, but it's still a really good album. They're doing some different things with the guitar, and sonically the music is brighter this go around. That gives them some variety to their catalogue, something that's welcomed.


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