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Matt Hires

Heartache Machine

The new EP from Matt Hires is his first release as an independent musician since leaving Atlantic records early this year. It's called Heartache Machine and it has four new songs from Hires. The four new songs from Hires are all incredibly honest lyrically and musically they fall in line with what Matt has done on his last two records. With a guy like Hires, any release he's going to put out is going to be about the songs more than anything else. With Heartache Machine that's definitely the case. The title track is a catchy song that will draw the attention of a lot of potential listeners, but the introspective songs from Hires after that, "I Know, I Know" and "No Starting Over" will keep them coming back. The songs are terrific but the production can't be overlooked either. Whether it's with an accenting piano or a guitar solo, the production added to Hires' songwriting means this EP is never boring. This new EP from Hires isn't just the latest endeavor for the popular singer/songwriter it's the start of a new chapter for Hires that will lead to a more honest listening experience for his audience.


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