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Parade of Lights

Golden EP

Los Angeles' Parade of Lights signed with Astralwerks after capitalizing on the success of their single "We're The Kids." That song pushed the band forward right out of the gates and they haven't slowed down since. At the end of last month, Parade of Lights released their debut EP for Astralwerks, the Golden EP. The EP features a reworked version of "We're the Kids" and three new songs. The new songs are all really good with the production being the strength. The programming is solid, but the sounds that Parade of Lights incorporates into their songs while adding them to some terrific hooks is what makes this EP fun to listen to. While the production is a strength for the band on the three new tracks, the reworked version of "We're The Kids" misses the mark that the original version of the song had. It sounds better overall, but they made some interesting choices to the final mix that eliminated some of the best parts of the song from the original version. "We're the Kids" might not be as good as the original version of the song, but the three new songs are all more than worth your time. This EP from Parade Of Lights is a great introduction to the band and will leave you eager to hear more.


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