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Band of Skulls tore the rock world up with their debut album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey. The band was featured on numerous soundtracks, commercials, iTunes - they were everywhere. Since then, there's been some moderate highlights - "Sweet Sour" - the single - was a hit off of Sweet Sour - the album. To go along with that, "The Devil Takes Care of His Own" was a very good song that did well for the band too. Their third album is Himalayan, and it is vastly different from the band's previous two records.

Himalayan has a lot of the good qualities that the band has established over the last two records; dual vocalists Russell Marsden and Emma Richardson are both spot-on with all of the songs they sing on this record. The guitar work is on par with where things have been with the last two albums as well. The differences with Himalayan starts and ends with this songs that Band of Skulls wrote. They've always used space in their music - it's a big part of what they do - but this time they're using space in unconventional ways. It's not predictable and it doesn't go along with a basic melody when that space is used. The band also has different music going with this release. In the past it's always been obvious that they were a trio and they record and play as a trio - with this album, that's not the case. They're doing a little bit more with this record and it sounds like there's five or six different things going instead of just three. Himalayan has Band of Skulls doing some different things that go with what the band has always been good at.

Himalayan has Band of Skulls doing some different things with their third record. Something that needed to be done. There's lot to like with the album, there just aren't as many good songs to enjoy as there was on Baby Doll Face Honey or even with Sweet Sour. Still, any new music from this band is to be appreciated and if you love rock music, you'll love Himalayan.


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