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My Chemical Romance

May Death Never Stop You

The career of My Chemical Romance is interesting to look back on. After their inception they made a decent debut album that led to them signing a deal with Reprise Records. Once with Reprise, My Chemical Romance took over rock music. Their debut for Reprise, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge went platinum in under a year. After that, they hype for the group's follow-up album was massive. The album that they put out, The Black Parade, actually delivered on that hype too. MCR promoted that record with a full cycle, playing shows all around the world. After that, they never restored themselves to the same level that they were at, but they never really faded away either. They kept going for the past six years at an uneven pace until it was announced that they were calling it quits. There hasn't been a band quite like them before and there probably won't be ever again.

After more than a decade running, Gerrard Way and company are saying goodbye to My Chemical Romance with one last release - May Death Never Stop You. It's a greatest hits release from Reprise that features one new song, three demoes, and a collection of songs from I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade, and Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Oddly enough, not a single song from the Conventional Weapons single release is featured on the collection.

The song choices for this collection aren't quite spot on, but all the key songs from The Black Parade and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge are here. The two main songs from Danger Days are featured here too. The only real omission from the collection is the song "Dead!" from The Black Parade - the blistering guitar on that song will always be a highlight off of that album and it's somewhat weird to have that song omitted here while "Mama" and "Cancer" were both featured on this set. There's also a weird omission from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - "Thank You for the Venom" isn't featured on this album. That song and some of the music from Conventional Weapons not being included with this release as well as "Dead!" are the only flaws with this release but they're not major cuts in an otherwise solid collection. The lone new song on this release - "Fake Your Death" is decent. It kind of goes along with the quality of the singles that they put out with Conventional Weapons - no better, no worse. There are also three demoes included in this release that were featured on a bootleg comp years ago.

May Death Never Stop You is a decent goodbye from My Chemical Romance. A demo from something from The Black Parade sessions or another album would have made things a little better, as would another new song or two. As it is now, this isn't a bad collection. For people who don't have the albums this is a decent set to pickup.


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