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American Authors

Oh, What a Life

American Authors has put out an excellent album in Oh, What A Life. The New York-based band had some songs be pushed out with their EP last year, and all of those songs were great. You take those four songs that were on the EP and add them to a four more great songs on this record, and a couple of good ones to go along with that and you've got an outstanding debut album.

American Authors takes advantage of some different instrumentation like a lot of other bands these days. Not nearly as many different instrumentation as KONGOS or someone like that, but enough to keep them different. American Authors predominantly uses the banjo to go along with a standard guitar- electric or acoustic. I counted at least six songs with banjo on them on this record. That banjo isn't just used as something to spice things up for American Authors, it's actually used as the main part of a few songs. It's a huge, defining part of their music - whether that's on "Best Day Of My Life" or "Think About It." It's also a reason why American Authors can write a different style of music than most bands out there.

American Authors deserves a ton of credit for the music they write and sometimes that goes back to the banjo. They implement something different in the world of pop music and because they do that they can write around a banjo riff. That creates something interesting and new. It's not just the different stuff they can do that the Authors do well, the quality of what they're writing is as good or better than what I've heard over the past few years. American Authors can write a chorus as good or better than any other band out there.

Oh, What a Life is instantly one of my favorite records. After the EP I was half expecting to be let down and half expecting to be blown away. I'm glad things ended up falling on the positive side of the fence. A third of these songs have been out there for a while now and "Best Day Of My Life" has been all over the airwaves for the past year. Still, I wouldn't look for American Authors to go away anytime soon. There will be at least two more hit singles and this album will be discovered by a lot of different people throughout the rest of this year.. It's too good not to listen to over and over again.


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