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The indescribable sound of KONGOS makes it's way to the U.S. with their album, Lunatic. The record is a tremendous showcase of everything the South African band of brothers has to offer; an eclectic sound of eccentric music that wonderfully borders lunacy.

The varied instrumentation and the attention to detail in production is where it all starts for KONGOS. The band prominently uses an accordion on a number of songs to go along with a myriad of other instrumentation. The stuff that's hard to define goes on in the background behind the standard guitar bass and drums. To go along with that varied instrumentation, the music KONGOS creates doesn't confine itself to genres or sub-genres. You'll hear pieces of different South African genres through the music, but you'll also hear a lot of blues, you'll hear some zydeco, you'll hear pop rock, you'll hear something that borders goth rock - and those are just the few that come to mind. Every song on this album feels like a discovery; whether that's the different styles they explore or the different instrumentation they use.

While it's fun to discover what KONGOS has to offer with this album, not everything they do on Lunatic works. A few of the songs are similar, and probably too similar. A couple of times later on in the record they meander through tracks too much. Some songs are too long; five and six minute affairs, that drag through after the two minute mark. That said, there's something cool to be said for something that's completely original like this group is on this album. There's accordion used consistently on a rock record, that alone makes KONGOS worth a listen, after you give it a chance, odds are you'll keep coming back for more.


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