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Places for Breathing

Formerly known as Orco, this modern rock outfit from Illinois first came to the publics’ attention as a result of ‘Caught in the Rain’-the first single- appearing on the ‘Daredevil’ soundtrack. Signed to Epic in 2002, Revis have an undeniable knack of combining atmospheric guitar driven heaviness with hook-laden songs. The aforementioned ‘Caught in the Rain’ provides ample evidence of this, with the full-blooded assault acting as a perfect foil to the more laid back interludes and equally memorable songs like the title track and the album closer ‘Look Right Through Me’. Elsewhere ‘Seven’- the second single and one of the bands oldest songs-intimates that the band are more than happy to dig up their past as long as it’s accompanied by a the usual bells and whistles production. If there is a fault with this album, then it lies in its lack of commercialism and its inability to stand out from a hugely saturated market; fine if you don’t want to sell out or compromise your own artistic license, but decidedly dodgy if you are asking a record label to judge you on anything but sales.


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