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My Body Sings Electric

Part 1: The Night Ends

Denver's My Body Sings Electric is putting out Part 1: The Night Ends this week and it's an eight songs set that's impressive. They've been around for a while now, working as an independent band in the Denver scene, but this is their most accessible release. This eight song EP has MBSE moving through a number of different styles and tempos. There's a song that's basically a grunge track, there are songs similar to the music they've put out in the past - it's in the same vein of Taking Back Sunday. There are those songs and then there are a couple of pop songs too. There's a nice mix on this EP, the songs are all well written, and Brandon Whalen can sing no matter what's going on behind his voice. It's not overly brilliant, but The Night Ends is a good release from My Body Sings Electric.


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