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You Me at Six have had a great five year run. The record they made and released for Capitol in 2010, was Hold Me Down and it was a brilliant record with several great songs and the production was outstanding. They followed that up with Sinners Never Sleep, that was a decent record but it wasn't as great as their label debut. Following that record, they took a three year break from releasing studio music, but they were able to put out a live album, The Final Night of Sin at Wembley Arena, it's a live album that was largely overlooked but, it's an outstanding listen and the live version of "Underdog" is something to be admired. Now, a year after their live album and almost three years after the release of Sinners Never Sleep, the band has released their latest album, Cavalier Youth. The new record was produced by Neal Avron, features the band's best batch of songs that they've ever written on top of the perfect pairing between You Me At Six and Avron. This album is a record that you can listen to from front to back over and over.

The first and most notable reason why this album is so great is because of Avron. He does his best work on songs with huge, soaring choruses. Along with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, he's the best at in the business. Most of the songs on this album ebb and flow with perfection until that massive hook in the chorus hits you like a perfect swell. The production by Avron is terrific but the songwriting done by the band is also to be commended. The big songs like "Too Young To Feel This Old," "Lived a Lie", and even "Carpe Diem" are solid but the simpler songs on the record between those big songs are all legitimate album tracks and great to listen too. Cavalier Youth is an album experience loaded with great individual songs.

You Me At Six's third LP is easily their best. They've had some good songs and decent albums in the past but everything with Cavalier Youth is excellent. It's an outstanding rock album and it would be amazing if more people latched on to it.


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