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Bayside's Cult is the amalgamate of all of the band's previous works according to vocalist Anthony Raneri. The album takes some of everything that the band did with their previous five albums and implements them on album six. There's the edgy stuff from earlier in their career and the poppy stuff from the middle of it and then everything in between.

What Raneri said is a good way to define Cult, but it's not what makes it a good album. Cult is great thanks in large part to Raneri's vocal and the outstanding guitar work. That guitar work is something that Bayside has always been capable of but never had taken full advantage of until this record. As far as pure music goes, Cult is in the middle of the pack of Bayside records. As far as guitars go, it's at the very top.

Six albums in and Bayside is still going strong. They make terrific music and they never stray too far away from what they do best, most of the time they embrace it. New bands can take a lesson and listen to how Bayside evolved while staying true to who they were. Cult exemplifies this, and it plays like a greatest hits record with all new music.


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