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Alex Da Kid's claim to fame is working with Eminem and being a remarkable producer who can create sounds that nobody else can. That's why Imagine Dragons decided to work with him. The pairing worked. The band that the famed producer moved onto from there, is Ithaca New York's Ambassadors. Actually, X Ambassadors after a name dispute. This past week, the band released their second EP for Alex Da Kid's label, KIDinaKORNER Records (an Interscope imprint.) The new EP is called, The Reason EP and it features five songs from the band that mostly highlight the amazing vocal from Sam Harris. That's what X Ambassadors has going for them the most. That, and a style of music that's a strong mix of modern traits and 60's and 70's soul.

Personally, I enjoyed this EP more than the last release, Love Songs, Drug Songs and that included the amazing track, Litost. The difference between this EP and the last release isn't in the style of music as much as it is the amped up production that accompanies some very good song writing. It's clear that Kid is pushing the sounds and style that have made Imagine Dragons one of the biggest bands in the world. That production has two sides to it that both help and hurt X Ambassadors. A lot of listeners and casual fans will latch on to the production because it sounds cool and because all of these sounds pair well with Sam Harris' vocal. The group of fans that have been listening to this band for the past couple of years might find those same production elements distracting. Either way, they’re undoubtedly entertaining.

The Reason EP features five great songs. Go and buy it or stream it immediately. It won't let you down. I still think people are going to process it differently. The thing about this band is they are amazingly talented at performing. The job that their producer, their manager, and their label has in front of them is to find a way to make that obvious to their potential audience and the people with access to that audience. Will The Reason EP do that? Probably not. That doesn't mean it's not an excellent release and that doesn't mean that X Ambassadors are going to fall short of being Kid's next band up. It means that there's some work to be done for X Ambassadors and their camp. I wouldn’t be surprised if this latched on somewhere, but I think it’s going to take a full album for X Ambassadors to break into the mainstream music community, but we’re not giving up on them yet, and neither should you.


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