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Rave Tapes

There are tons of different genres of alternative and rock music. There are certainly some niche genres in there and one of them happens to be art-rock. As far as music goes, it’s hard to listen to what anybody has to say if it’s inaudible noise that sounds like it was thrown together in five minutes without any care or time put into it. Scottish art-rock masters Mogwai have always put the utmost care and time into making their music. Some of their fans will say they’ve perfected it. It’s art-rock that’s easy to appreciate. Listen through their new album, Rave Tapes attentively if it is your thing, and objectively if it isn’t, and you’ll probably agree. The album comes off like the coming-to of a morning after a horrible rave. At the start of the album you wake up and try to come to your senses and at the end of it you seem to come to grips with the night before and your place in the world at the same time. Between the start of the album and the end of it there are a number of moments that help to take you on your journey. There’s the spoken-word track “Repelish” the lone track with a vocal on the album, “Blues Hour” and a steady amount of guitars and electronic work that seem to compliment each other from track to track. I’m not going to pretend to know about all of the immense instrumentation and work it takes to this music, I can just say that I appreciate it. Mogwai’s music isn’t for everyone but you can appreciate it’s merits and what these guys do. Certainly not for everyone but definitely something anyone can appreciate.


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