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Foo Fighters

In Your Honor

The Foo Fighters return with their fifth studio release, “In Your Honor”. Always looking to push themselves into further creativity, this time around front man David Grohl decided to release a double album, one with heavier guitar driven tracks, and the other with acoustic material. While it seems simple, and almost appropriate, many bands stay away from writing an entire collection of songs in one style or theme, just so that they don’t suffocate their creativity by trying to stick with a specific sound. But the Foo Fighters manage to use the boundaries they preset to help focus them on putting out some of their most impressive work to date. Disc one, the rock oriented disc, is easily one of the heaviest sets the band has recorded to date. Tracks like “No Way Back”, “The Last Song” and “Free Me” all feed off adrenaline filled choruses, and heavy guitars. Disc two, the acoustic disc, is as expected a very mellow laid back set of tracks. Simple harmonies, backed by acoustic guitars and soft drum loops comprise most of the tracks on this half of the album, but its here that Grohl’s true song writing and vocal skills are on showcase. Heartfelt tracks like “Miracle”, and “Over and Out” are a perfect representation of the beautiful songs that comprise the second half of this album. Its one thing to be a diverse band, but to posses the ability record two distinctly different sets of music and release them as one album redefines the term diverse, and if nothing else, shows an incredible range of emotions.


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