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Bad Suns

Transpose EP

Out of L.A. and signed to Vagrant, Bad Suns is a band that you can expect to hear a lot from in 2014. Their song “Cardiac Arrest” is original and melodic and it’s fun to sing along to. Like that song, the rest of the band’s debut EP, the Transpose EP, features three other songs that are cut with the same formula. Cure-like brooding with melodic and bright undertones, a catchy chorus, and Chris Bowman’s brit-like vocal. These four songs are all decent numbers with “Cardiac Arrest” being the best track, but apart from that song there isn’t a ton of substance to these songs. There’s nothing that sets these guys apart from a few other bands that operate out of the L.A. area (Night Riots have almost the same sound as this band and they’ve been around longer. ) Because there’s not a lot of meat to go along with the other three songs on the EP there’s little that sets Black Suns apart from other bands right now. “20 Years” is probably the best example on this release. It just feels incomplete and with a runtime in the two-minute range, they had a lot of room to make that song into more than it is. Bad Suns certainly shows a lot of potential on this EP but they need to up their game with their full album release. All four of these songs are good songs, only “Cardiac Arrest” is great and really shows what this band is capable of.


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