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Declan McKenna

Liar EP

Wise beyond his years, Declan McKenna is just 18 years old but he’s wise beyond his years. He writes bouncy pop songs with his own take on Brit-pop pacing. He writes these catchy songs like “Brazil” and “Paracetamol” that are really catchy, but have deeper lyrical themes to them. “Brazil” talks about the stupidity of choosing a poor country to host a World Cup and “Paracetamol” talks about a transgender girl committing suicide… that’s not exactly being late to a party or getting dumped by a crush material. On his four-song EP, “Liar” he shows off his chops and then some.

McKenna’s lyrics are great, and his delivery of them is just as good. He has a raspy voice that manages to get better as his pitch goes higher. There’s also something to be said for his synth work and then the instrumentation that he does on top of it – the synth never deters from an organic sound that comes together with his guitar work.

All four of these songs on this EP are worth listening to. “Brazil”, “Bethlehem”, and “Paracetamol” will get you hooked right away though “Howl” will take a few times through to latch on to. Give this a listen, odds are you’ll find something you will love.


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