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The Punisher: War Zone

A heavy dose of metal, a few techno/mix tracks and Kerli is the soundtrack to Punisher: War Zone all summed up. The new movie, Punisher: War Zone isn't just a remake, it's a recent remake with a new lead, new story, new everything. It removed itself from the older version of the film and one of the ways it did that was through the soundtrack. For all of John Travolta's horribleness as a bad guy, the first movie had a lot of heart. And the heart in that movie was expressed perfectly in Seether and Amy Lee's "Broken." That was those two's relationship maybe, but it also fit the story perfectly. Punisher: War Zone removed itself from a lot of that heart and the soundtrack is something that shows it. There's not a lot of soft moments on this record, just lots of in your face metal. The first five songs- all harder songs, headlined by Rob Zombie, Slayer, and Slipknot, but tossed into the mix with those songs; Rise Against and Seether. After that the record takes kind of a weird turn. Island's Kerli takes a strong hold on this disc with "Bulletproof" on track seven. It's a welcome change because it reminds the listener briefly of a lot of the heart shown on the original Punisher soundtrack. But, it really doesn't last that long, after Kerli- Senses Fail, Hatebreed, Static-X, and Ramallah. Metal is awesome and if that's what we're judging this soundtrack on it gets a definite A. The Zombie song- "War Zone" that headlines this soundtrack is worth the purchase. And Seether's "Fallen" is the hardest Seether song out there, but for mainstream appeal this doesn't really hold a lot of merrit. Great for metal fans, but for everybody who likes a melodic rock soundtrack to an action movie you're going to be left wanting.


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