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Cinco Diablo

Saliva’s latest, “Cinco Diablo” is the same Saliva album the band has made the last two times out. I don’t know if you can expect anything more or anything else from these guys into record number five. I’ve always been a fan of the band, but their latest work is getting more than a little redundant. The first six songs on this record are highly avoidable. “Family Reunion” sounds like the last Saliva single, which sounded like the Saliva single before that. I’m beginning to see a trend here… They do try and do some things different on the first six tracks. There’s some darker sounding stuff on “Best of Me” and on “How Could You” it’s more melodic like “Back Into Your System” Saliva. After track six though, things remarkably get better… for a minute. “Forever and a Day” is a ballad and Saliva ballads are usually good. It sounds a little bit too much like a bad 80’s ballad in spots, but it saves itself with a great chorus. “I’m Coming Back” is an old-fashioned, debut Saliva song; elements of rap-rock, a big thick chorus, and a great song. The record does hit it’s lowpoint with “Southern Girls”… it feels like Saliva performing a Motley Crue song, not that good. “So Long” is a decent finisher from the album… oddly enough it sounds like Saliva mixed with Coldplay. I couldn’t make up that mix if I tried, listen and you’ll see. Saliva’s “Cinco Diablo” isn’t a terrible record, but it is the same record that this band has made the last three times. If people keep buying, great more power to them, they’ll keep making this record and who can blame them. I can see why somebody would buy it, there are lots of good qualities to the band and to this record. It’s just redundant. “Cinco Diablo” will be another effective release for Saliva, doesn’t mean it should be…


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