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Black Ice

Black Ice is an AC/DC record. Simple as that. That's not a bad thing; it just is what it is. They have a style that never seems to get redundant, not from record one to record twenty. It doesn't always sound fresh; it just sounds how it sounds. For AC/DC records, "Black Ice" is the best one since "Razor's Edge." "Rock n Roll Train" ranks up there with the band's singles in its more-recent years and throughout this album Angus has come up with some awesome riffs. Just like every other AC/DC record ever made there's not a whole of difference between songs on the record and there's not a whole lot of difference between songs on this record and songs on the last three records. What "Black Ice" does better than the past ten albums; run time. You get 55 minutes of runtime with "Black Ice" if you want to rock out for an hour- this is the record to do it with. Brendan O'Brien did a great job producing this record, he didn't overbear the production he left it relatively rough while cleaning it up enough to update it. "Black Ice" isn't the best album of the year, it's not the best album of the quarter, it's not even the best AC/DC album, but it's necessary to keep a band going that's always in demand and it's just good rock. I will say this; Hinder, Saving Abel, and whoever else has come out in mainstream bordering retro rock over the past three years can't even come close to the worst AC/DC album and AC/DC doesn't really even try to make albums. I'm not big on old bands' new releases but this is the exception. Tired of hearing how these new bands are bringing back rock? Lots of people are because they're not, AC/DC teaches lessons with simplicity and without trying; something this genre of rock definitely needs to do. Be artistic or be simple don’t be artistic by trying to be simple. AC/DC didn’t put that much thought into this release, and it’s not a bad thing.


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