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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals


It's been six months; time for another Ryan Adams record! Ryan Adams and the Cardinals present Cardinology. Another steady record that's filled with some of Adams' best written songs. "Born into a Light" is the crème de la crème of Adams' songs over the past two years. It moves well, it's catchy, and overall it just holds up just like an Adams' song should. That's really what this album is, nothing overly impressive just, Ryan Adams songs, that's really what his last few albums have been about. There's nothing amazing about Cardinology, it's just filled with great Ryan Adams songs. What's the most interesting thing about this record is its title. It's named after his band, but his band doesn't have an overbearing presence on the record, just its typical presence. Maybe it's named that way because of Adams' newfound stability and those have been stable people in his life or maybe it's named that way because of the band was probably due to be featured more, or maybe (and this is my favorite) it's named that way because although not a ton instrumentation is different on this record there are places where you hear a lot more music than vocals. So maybe that was a central point in writing and production. Cardinology is what it is, a great Ryan Adams record. Casual fans of Adams shouldn’t see this album as an essential purchase, they should definitely check out “Born into a Light” and “Magick” because they are two of the best Adams songs ever- but everything else here isn’t amazing- just damn good.


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