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The Greatest Remixes

The Christmas release for Good Charlotte is “The Greatest Remixes”, some of the band’s best songs being remixed and covered by a whole slew of artists including Metro Station, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, The Game, Bubba Sparxxx, White Tie Affair, The Academy Is…, and Mr. Hahn. On this record the band continues to dive into different genres of music other than pop punk. On their last studio effort, “Good Morning Revival” the band dealt heavily in dance/pop songs. Lately they’ve been doing a lot of hip-hop stuff. This is the pinnacle of the hip-hop work that the band has been involved with. The songs that the band has covered and remixed on the album include “Little Things”, “The Anthem”, “The Young and the Hopeless”, and “All Black.” Most of the songs are infused with heavy amounts of hip hop, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s still a great idea that was implemented well for the most part. I know and understand the definition of a remix, but they should have toned down these mixes a little bit in places. “The Anthem” remix is a decent, but except for the beginning of the album you can’t even hear the existence of the original material. While there is some seriousness involved in this record, it’s more of one of those releases to tide fans over until the new studio album is released in 2009. A release that’s supposed to be more pop-punk than dance or hip-hop. “The Greatest Remixes” isn’t terrible by any means. And while it’s not for most, it is for fans who have followed Good Charlotte closely over the years.


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