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The Break and Repair Method

Milk the Bee

Paul Doucette’s solo side project has finally come to fruition with Bluhammock’s “Milk the Bee.” It was worth the wait. Doucette’s songwriting shines on this record. He’s shown that he has borrowed a few things from Rob Thomas, but he’s also developed some skills and intricacies of his own. His songs are heavy on the piano, heavier on melody, and are altogether fantastic. When a lead singer comes out with a solo project, it usually doesn’t sound that different from the band that lead singer comes from. When the side project comes from the drummer/guitarist of the band, you could be in for something terrific. That’s what happened with Paul Doucette’s The Break and Repair Method. These songs have been done for awhile but they’re brilliant throughout. The hook in “You Won’t Be Able to Be Sad” is transmittable. The intro and the song in general- “Forget about the Brightside” is hauntingly superb. The melody in the chorus is great, but the instrumentation and the levels of instrumentation are excellent. Doucette played a ton of instruments on this album- most of the instruments on the album (if not all), and he did a great job. Doucette wrote all the songs for this album, and sang them well- sometimes too well to be in a band where he wasn’t featured. He did a tremendous job. This is one of the better albums you’re likely to hear and something you need to check out. This is for fans of Matchbox Twenty, but more than that, this is for fans of good music.


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