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Remedy Drive

Daylight Is Coming

Remedy Drive is a lot like Needtobreathe, they share a label with Needtobreathe, they crossover from the Christian genre like Needtobreathe, and they have an insane focus on instrumentation and melody in their music. The Word Records’ debut of Remedy Drive- “Daylight is Coming” has several nice songs on it if you’re in to pop-rock with that focus on melody. “Daylight” is a great song that would do well crossing over into Top 40 territory, “All Along” is one of the better ballads that you’ll hear, and “Heartbeat” is one of those songs that’s predictable and unpredictable at the same time. The general movement of the song is unorthodox- the way the verse flows to the chorus, the way the song begins, the way the song ends; the movement of the song is unpredictable. The predictable part about the song- the chorus is normal, so is the verse, the bridge is too, but when they’re combined it’s an odd but enjoyable listen. Those three songs are the highlights of the album, but there’s still a lot of worth to this album. Most of the songs on this album are good to great, and Remedy Drive is a band that you need to check out.


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