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It’s funny that a band that’s really going to get experimental on a new record is coming out with a best of set. More than anything, this is a farewell to Sony for Switchfoot. They’re going off on their own to do some different things, and what a better way to go out than to return to what the band has really been about over the past six years. The order on this best of set is a little interesting- again you see the American Idol influence- going with “Dare You to Move” a great song, but a song that was sung by David Cook as his final performance on the show, was chosen first over “Meant to Live” the song that broke Switchfoot into mainstreams territory. There were a couple of glaring omissions on the record too- how does “We Are One Tonight” NOT make a best of Switchfoot album? That song was used to promote the Nagano Olympics, basically the whole Nagano Olympics.- A huge song for the band and it’s left out. That’s almost unforgivable- take out “This is Home!”- who cares- it’s from Narnia. The other song that didn’t make this set that should have- “Gone” off of “The Beautiful Letdown”, “Gone” is one of the best Switchfoot songs out there, that didn’t get the attention it deserved. Apart from those two tracks being left out, much of the band’s early work is covered here, and most of the necessities are available. It’s a nice glance back at what the band has put out over the years, but for a best of set not to include all of the best songs… it just doesn’t make sense. A little disappointing.


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