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Gabe Dixon Band

Gabe Dixon Band

Very artistic and very good, focused on songs and not much else, The Gabe Dixon band’s self-titled debut for Concord Records hits home where it should. It’s a great album to listen through and not much could have been done different. This isn’t a band that you’ll see on MTV, or heard on top 40 radio, but you shouldn’t be surprised if some music supervisors pick up on it because of the raw power of some of the songs. Gabe Dixon did do some tutelage under Paul McCartney- he played on one of McCartney’s albums, not many people can say that. Everyone's influenced by the Beatles, but maybe that's where Dixon pulls Wings from. The Gabe Dixon band can be likened to early 70s pop like Wings and Jackson Browne. Fans of raw, earthy pop music will like what Gabe Dixon, Jano Rix, and Winston Harrison are doing here. There’s a heavy focus on piano but not the common focus that’s given to the instrument these days. The music works with it, it doesn’t directly power the music. This release is front loaded with good tracks. “Disappear” is a great lead song. “Five More Hours” would have been a number one song in 1974 (not saying that as a bad thing), and “Find My Way” adds just enough soul to push it over the top as a defining song off of this record. With their first shot in music, things didn't pan out for The Gabe Dixon band. If things would have went better, everybody would have had an album from these guys, things didn’t. A nice consolation prize though is this record; it’s emotional, well-written, and well rounded. Overall it’s a great piece of music.


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