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Among the bands making a comeback lately- The Verve. They just released “Forth” on their own and overall it’s a good record. One song can define a band, but no one song has ever defined a band more than The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” it’s praised as one of the best songs of all time, by independent music fans, mainstream music fans, the general music population. It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t like that song and you’d expect that to be what The Verve cashed in on with “Forth.” But instead of that, what’s concocted here are 10 songs all with longer runtimes and most being totally unpredictable. The only song that’s predictable in any kind of way is “Love is Noise” (the single), it has the best hook on the album, and really the only hook on the album. Everything else heavily focuses on art and not what the band could have done for a big payday. The Verve produced something refreshing on “Forth”, it’s a true piece of art. And although some of the songs run too long, and some of the songs can be hard to get into in places, you never forget the direction taken with the overall set, and it’s something that’s easy to like and impossible not to get into. For mainstream, pop-rock fans you’re not going to get a lot here that you’ll be crazy about other than “Love is Noise.” “Noise Epic” is the song that’s necessary for hardcore fans of the band to listen through. A refreshing approach, The Verve made a record that was artistic and as from what we know, unaffected by what people wanted it to sound like.


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