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The soundtrack to Twilight. The most talked about book, movie, and yes soundtrack of this fall/winter/holiday season finally hit a few weeks ago. As did the movie. And while the movie aptly served its demographic well, the soundtrack is about 50/50. There are some great songs on the collection- “Supermassive Black Hole” (Muse)“Leave Out All the Rest” (Linkin Park), both new Paramore songs are decent- “Decode” being the best. But overall there’s just a problem with matching the music to the tone of the movie. When throwing this compilation together, they tried too hard- it’s like a bad episode of The OC other than those songs. Putting Collective Soul on this soundtrack- love Collective Soul and I love “Tremble for My Beloved” just as an overall song, but it doesn’t really fit with the set of songs for the movie. There should have been music that was keyed to a younger demographic than what happened. Atlantic has the entire Fueled by Ramen roster to work with, this project had enough money to work with, and Atlantic even signed a great new young band (Friday Night Boys) that could have been featured on this disc. I see the track list and I agree with a lot of the songs, but based on the music’s syncing with the movie- you’d expect Spoon to be on this soundtrack six times. Good choices were not made other than the Paramore songs and yes the Muse song. (One of author Stephanie Meyer’s favorite songs and the song that inspired the book in lots of ways.) The result of what happened with the overall music choices on this record are songs that don’t fit, or songs that were rehashed because they were available. Not a great set, some songs fit, most songs didn’t- the Paramore tracks are worth purchasing, but other than that there’s not a lot of value here.


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