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Snow Patrol

A Hundred Million Suns

The new Snow Patrol album “A Hundred Million Suns” is just as good as the band’s last album, but it doesn’t have the lasting appeal that “Eyes Open” has. From track to track “Eyes Open” is one of the best listening experiences you’ll ever have in this genre. This record is different. Its front loaded; the first three songs are all single-worthy, two of them already are, and they can all be compared to songs from “Eyes Open”. Unfortunately, they don’t win those head-to head comparisons. The opening song “If There’s a Rocket Tie Me to It” compares to “Open Your Eyes” in the way it builds up into a big powerful chorus. “Crack the Shutters” is the mainstream single off of the album; it’s this album’s “Chasing Cars.” And “Take Back the City” compares to “Hands Open” because it was a.) Released as a first single off of this album to alternative markets and b.) Because it’s a harder-edged single choice. Apart from those three songs there are good moments on this record, they‘re just not that noteworthy. “Lifeboats” is the simplest Snow Patrol song you’ll ever hear. “The Golden Floor” appeals to the ‘World’ genre of music. “Please Just take These Photos From My Hands” is the atypical Snow Patrol song. “The Lightening Strike” is an 11 plus minute song that’s this album’s artistic statement. The songs overall are decent, but the production is where this album stands out. There are hundreds of different sounds on this album. Sometimes they’re rolled into one thing to make an orchestra of sounds and sometimes they’re by themselves making a song unique. The songs are good, the production is better, it doesn’t hold up to “Eyes Open” but that’s not really to be expected. It takes its place as a unique Snow Patrol album and more than likely everybody’s second-favorite, and in this case that’s not a bad thing.


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