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Rise Against

Appeal To Reason

Rise Against equates into the good version of Anti-Flag. While the songs aren’t always good and nothing that the band can do will ever equate to the pureness of “Swing Life Away”, Rise Against remains an elite punk band for their quality of their songs. The lyrical content is usually a little controversial, they sing a lot about issues at hand in the world (something a real punk band is supposed to do), but then turn those issues into some monster hooks in their music and that’s why these guys have been able to stay around for two albums after “Swing Life Away.” “Appeal to Reason” could be the catchiest album that the band has put out. Hooks abound throughout- naming some off- “Re-Education (Through Labor)”, “The Audience of One”, “From Heads Unworthy” and “The Strength to Go On” are probably the catchiest songs on the album. What’s really incredible to listen through Appeal to Reason though is that the band’s focus on hardcore has changed slightly. It’s still there in big ways, but there are other aspects that are surprising to see. The “TNT” beginning of “Re-Education (Through Labor)”, and the general 90’s ballad feel of “The Audience of One” are the most notable moments on the album. Rise Against’s “Appeal to Reason” is actually a great record. Fans of punk will love it, and honestly the feel of a song like “Swing Life Away” can be heard on this record because of the band’s sincerity in their music. This is a suggested set to pick up, and if “The Audience of One” is released as a single it could do some serious damage- it smells a lot like a hit single.


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