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Red Car Wire

Lets Never Get Older

Red Car Wire’s “Let’s Never Get Older” shows off some great pop punk. Mixing in two of my favorite bands from the genre; Blink-182 (the band has two vocalists- one has a delivery similar to Tom Delonge, the other has a delivery similar to Mark Hoppus- I’m not saying they’re exactly alike- the delivery reminds me of those two guys.) As for the guitars and the music throughout “Never Get Older” it reminds me of one of my favorite pop punk albums of all time The Starting Line’s “Say it Like You Mean It” with those two qualities you’d think that Red Car Wire would be my favorite new band. There’s no doubting that the guys have talent, but the songs in lyrical content and slightly in production aren’t very good. The demo here is for teenage girls, and while that’s a smart demographic to key to, it shuts out a lot of potential audience. The lyrics on this album dock it a great deal. As for the production, in some places it’s great. In other places- namely “Rachael Leigh Cook” it’s terrible. The best song on the set; easily has to be “So Far” the chorus is contagious and although the content isn’t exactly advanced it’s overcome by the hook in the song. Worst song on the album has to be “Affinity.” Since “Hey There Delilah” every pop punk band has to have an acoustic song. None of them are good and all would be better as normal tracks and this is a perfect example of it. Maybe “Hey There Delilah” isn’t a one and done thing, but bands and labels should stop trying to recreate it. Red Car Wire shows a lot of potential, they also show that their youth can be a strength as well as a weakness. I wouldn’t recommend this EP to everybody, but if you want to be taken back to 2002 this is an EP for you. Age and maturity will do wonders for these guys if they can be around long enough to see it.


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