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Ben Folds

Way to Normal

Ben Folds returns to his goofier side with “Way to Normal”. Always to be taken seriously, but never too seriously, Ben Folds’ last few albums had elements of seriousness about growing up and growing old, but this album doesn’t really carry that topic at all. This album carries more significance for a Folds in his late teens/early twenties it seems like and that can’t even resonate with his core fan base at this time. You hate to talk about lyrics too much because they’re personal to the artist and they don’t carry the same meaning to the person listening but it’s an odd subplot of the “Way to Normal. As for the songs on this album- there’s nothing that’s amazing on this set. Interestingly enough, Folds starts the record off with a live version of an Elton John send-up- “Hiroshima.” The song has the best hook on this record and is honestly the best moment on the record. It’s a cool story and a great Folds song. After that though, nothing really stands out as a great moment. All of the songs are good to decent, but there’s not a catchy track that’s really unique. There’s not a song that really stands out about of the rest. It’s not a terrible album- it’s actually really good but if Folds was going to create an album that was more like his work five years ago- he could have made the songs as good as they were five years ago. It’s Ben Folds and it’s still good, and I realize at this point in his career he’s probably over hit singles, but wouldn’t it be interesting to hear one? Not bad, pretty damn good, but expectations going into this record (on reputation alone) said it would be great and it’s far from that.


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