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The Toadies

No Deliverance

The Toadies' career has been an on again off again love affair. They never really parted on bad terms, just parted and went their different ways. After 2001's "Hell Above/Stars Below" The Toadies disappeared. There was a live release on now non-existent Aezra Records in 2003 as a final farewell type thing but after that the band just wasn't existent outside of Texas anymore. They still did a few reunion shows here and there, but the announcement that the band was getting back together was a welcome announcement for Toadies fans and music fans alike. Enter "No Deliverance" a Toadies album by numbers compared to the other two albums, but it's just great to have them back at this point. A lot of these songs are standard Toadies songs- "Nothing to Cry About", "No Deliverance", "I Am a Man of Stone", "Hell in High Water"; all of these songs remind of either "Hell Above/Stars Below" or "Rubberneck." Even "Song I Hate" reminds me of my favorite Toadies song- whenever they cover The Pixies "Where Is My mind." Bottom line with this is: this is an album that should have came out six years ago. There are small problems with listeners being able to connect to this record on where the Toadies should or shouldn't have gone and what this should've sounded like. And anymore grunge sounds insanely weird in 2008. There are problems with this album in spots, and it's not a 'new' Toadies sound by any means, but for fans- it's a welcome album and it's great to have them back.


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