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Dig Out Your Soul

Oasis' first two albums are forever locked-in as the best crossover UK albums of the 90's. Those albums are a lot of people’s best two albums to come out of the UK in that decade, but since then it hasn't been a struggle as much as it's been drama for the brothers Gallagher. Drama to get along and for them to match the success and the quality of those first two records while growing musically. They never did grow too much musically. They stayed the course from 1995 to 2005 really having the same sound throughout. But with the band's conclusion of their Epic years and their first album on Reprise, "Dig Out Your Soul" breathes life into the band's songwriting and their performance on the record. Half of this has really tribal, unorthodox drum rhythms that build not just into a more raw rock sound but also give the tracks on "Dig Out Your Soul" a blues vibe. Those rhythms and the overall pace of the album accents Gallagher's delivery on vocals, especially through the first four tracks. And while a lot of these songs can be linked to Beatles influences- what Oasis song can't be linked to a Beatles influence- the newest Oasis music sounds like the rarest Oasis set. Vocals are spot-on, the production is tight, and the songs overall are top-notch and don’t all sound like atypical Oasis songs. As they approach their third decade in action you can't help but hope that this is the direction that Oasis will continue to.


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