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The Complete '68 Comeback Special

For the 40th anniversary of Elvis' 'big return' to the spotlight, Legacy Recordings has released one of the better box sets that you can get of the iconic rock legend. The '68 show for NBC had two parts to it. An informal sit-down show and an all out, full-blown performance, the sit-down show was probably Elvis' most intimate perception as a performer and as an artist. The full-blown performance or stand up performance was a standard Elvis performance- it had energy, passion, and flare- even for a guy that was ten years past his prime. For the 40th anniversary release of the complete '68 comeback special, Legacy has stockpiled this box into four great discs- disc one has the original LP from the performance with a few bonus tracks. Disc two has the first sit down show and the first stand up show. Disc three has the second sit down show and the second stand up show. And Disc four has the first and second rehearsals. All total what's brought here are a lot of the same songs on these four discs performed in different ways with Elvis introducing things differently. Really it's only necessary for die-hard Elvis fans but it's also a cool look back into one of the highlights of Elvis' career and one of the historic moments in rock where an icon really made one of his last marks on music history. Not for everybody, but if you've got a passion for rock history or even Elvis as a guilty pleasure this could be something to check out.


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