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Jet Black Stare

In This Life

For those of you who like their melodic modern mainstream rock, here’s another band that may just tickle your fancy. Once again a result of the high quality Canadian production line of modern rock bands, Jet Black Stare combine modern rock production ideals with the tub thumping melodies reminiscent of 80’s mainstream rock. Nickelback’s Daniel Adair guests on drums along with old band mate Dave Martone of Martone fame, who adds additional guitars. The result is an accessible modern stadium rock album; demonstrated by opener ‘Ready To Roll’, I’m Breathing’-a song based on Rod Black’s near death experience- and the brilliant ‘Poster Princess’. Other standouts include a cover version of Closure’s ‘Afterglow’ (‘Every Moment’) the upbeat power ballad ‘Rear-view Mirror’ and the Forty Foot Echo-like ‘Next To Me’. There’s an ever-growing list of modern rock bands that aren’t frightened of wearing their 80’s influences on their sleeve. Add Jet Black Stare to that list.


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