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The Subways

All or Nothing

The Subways really couldn’t have picked a better producer than Butch Vig for their sophomore effort “All or Nothing” for Warner Bros. There’s nobody out there that makes more sense as a producer for The Subways than Butch Vig. There are connections with 90’s influences that are exposed due to Vig’s production and there are so many elements infused in what The Subways do from 90’s grunge that makes sense to have Vig involved. The last Vig album that I really listened through his production and his work was Jimmy Eat World’s “Chase this Light” which he really only executive produced, but this album… this is the next record in his line of success. The landscapes are great, vocals with effects and harmonies are genius, and Billy Lunn, Josh Morgan, and Charlotte Cooper gave Vig a lot to work with. The best part of this album is definitely the production but you look past that and you see a lot of variety with what The Subways are capable- they have the grunge/post-grunge tracks on here that are outstanding- but then they even have some great out of the ordinary moments like the Brit-pop romper “Move to Newlyn”- nobody has written a Brit-pop song like that with mainstream appeal since Oasis did it in the 90’s. As for other great tracks on the record- you’ll dig “Shake, Shake”, and “Alright” more than a lot of the others- you’ll be able to come back to those and listen plenty of times over. Supposedly this album is about Lunn’s breakup with Cooper… which has to really tug on things when you’re in a band together… but it’s only downfall is the lyrics aren’t nearly as prominent as they should be because they get overshadowed by the production and the general thickness of everything- the album’s strength is its weakness making it kind of like a backhanded compliment. Still The Subways “All or Nothing” is a great follow up for this band and it has the potential to catch on and be bigger than they could’ve hoped for- it really could have that huge cult following into a mainstream following.


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