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Every new female solo pop act gets reviewed like this- ‘a solid addition to the genre’ I’m a culprit too, but that’s usually the sum of all the parts. Sadly, I’m not changing that stance with Lenka- an actress/popstress from Australia. On her Epic debut she’s made a record that pretty good- and why not- she’s had the help of plenty on this set- she co-wrote stuff with Jason Reeves and Kevin Griffin among others to make a set of songs that would be pretty hard for her to mess up. The songs are good but where things get a little strange is the composition of the songs and the instrumentation of those songs. They’re all dramatically whimsical, almost carnivalesque, something that fits the personality of Lenka. As for her voice- that’s probably where Lenka stands out the most, it’s hard to find a comparison for what her voice sounds like- and that makes it fairly original and pretty good. The only problem with this debut is it does get a little bit repetitive about half way through but it’s still good in the later acts of the album. Lenka has created a solid debut with her self-titled disc for Epic- making her yes- another strong addition to the genre.


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