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I’ve always hated techno and dance music, it’s just never been my style. Honestly I’ve never even considered it music because I always felt that there was no lyrics, not even real instrumentation, so therefore there was no passion. With Innerpartysystem it’s different. Not only are there lyrics to what they do but their beats and their programming actually transcend emotion- something that I’ve never heard from a lot of dance music. Most of it’s mindless- this is not- the band’s first track on this EP proves that. “Don’t Stop” has actual lyrics to it and even if they are a little political they’re still lyrics. This six song EP isn’t all great from Innerparty system- it starts off good enough with “Don’t Stop” and even “Heart of Fire” is decent. Both of those tracks have programming similar to some Nine Inch Nails stuff so it actually has some alternative content to it. After that it honestly gets a little too dancy for me with “The Way We Move”, “The Lovers Dancing” and the remixed version of “The Lovers Dancing”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good- just means it’s not for me. The weirdest song on this six song EP and the song that gave these guys a little bit of musical cross-genre appeal though is “Night is Alive”- it actually sounds more like a rock track- more like music- than a dance track- and it shows a lot of potential with Innerpartysystem. The debut album for Stolen Transmission/Island is coming fast with Innerpartysystem but I wouldn’t wait to check them out, just because this EP will give you a pretty good idea about what these guys are. This is a good EP but can the full album be as diverse as this?


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