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Jack's Mannequin

The Glass Passenger

Andrew McMahon's second album after his band Something Corporate was put on hiatus, finds him with a more established, matured sound than on his previous release. While his debut album as Jack’s Mannequin often found McMahon torn between melodic rock and his Something Corporate punk/pop roots, this time McMahon is fully established as a an artist on his own right. From the album’s stunning opener “Crashin,” and the hook filled “Spinning,” McMahon’s songs are well written and cleverly balanced. Aside from the single “The Resolution,” the album boasts “American Love,” a song that will likely be the next single, is easily one of the catchiest songs that McMahon has ever written. The album also shines on the ballad “Hammers and Strings,” a piano driven track that is reminiscent of the Something Corporate song “Globes and Maps,” and on “Annie Use Your Telescope” a beautifully arranged track, that is one of the more unique and unforgettable tracks on the disc. Years from now, “The Glass Passenger” could be remembered as the album that catapulted Jack’s Mannequin into the spotlight permanently.


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