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The Enemy UK

We'll Live and Die In These Towns

There are some bands/acts that cross over from the UK and it’s warranted. Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, James Morrison, Snow Patrol, Keane, hell- even Amy Winehouse. Supposedly The Enemy UK is supposed to be one of those bands- there supposed to be British rock reincarnated. I’d have to disagree for the most part. “Well Live and Die in these Towns” starts out so rough, so bad through the first four tracks that it’s almost unlistenable. Through the first tracks the hype that these guys have gotten comes off as unwarranted- until finally the sixth track comes in and your half way through the album and these guys are finally likeable. “You’re Not Alone” is a turning point for this record. The first five make them a normal crossover UK Rock act- loud vocals, louder guitars, and fast based drums mimicking but refreshing the old rock that used to be- but once “You’re Not Alone” comes on that’s not completely forgotten- it just takes a back seat to a good band. Everything track 6-11 is great- everything tracks 1-5 not so great. And if you include the two U.S. bonus tracks- that aren’t worth a whole lot, essentially these guys made half an album. Not the worst stuff to come across the Atlantic, but not the best either.


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