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James Morrison

Songs For You, Truths For Me

James Morrison’s second release here in the States- “Songs For You, Truths For Me” backs up what he proved on the first effort. He’s one of the better legitimate soul artists out there with a passion for performing heartfelt songs and a penchant for writing them (co-writing them.) On this latest album though he’s upped the Motown/R&B influences and has maybe been diving into Stevie Wonder heads first- Morrison echoes Stevie’s style on the single “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You” and “Save Yourself” more than the other tracks but there’s a little bit of Steve Wonder and Motown to every song on this album. The only song that I didn’t like on the album was “Broken Strings”- I realize Nelly Furtado is a renown vocalist, but I’ve never liked her style in that aspect and pitting her voice against Morrison’s… well that’s almost not fair- he overshadows her in every aspect of that song and she makes a great song a good song. Morrison will be around for a long time if he keeps making albums like this. Not only is the music still great but Morrison appears to have gotten better as a vocalist and a songwriter.


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